be bigger, have more, do less

Let me ask you a few questions

Are you a successful Coach already turning over 200k+ with your coaching business and looking to scale your business with online revenue streams?
Do you feel frustrated with not knowing how or where to begin?
Are you yo-yo dieting with platforms and tools?
Are you stockpiling platform trials that have all expired?

Yet you are no closer to realising your dreams and achieving your business goals.
Sooo…would you rather scale your business while maintaining your sanity and not wasting any more time?

Welcome to your future calm

I help successful Coaches achieve rapid growth in their business by developing and scaling online revenue streams.

I asked some of my clients to describe life before they began working with me:

“I needed advice on how to extend my services and business to increase revenue and visibility.”
“I was struggling with identifying what to offer clients from the droves of services I could offer.”
“I was overwhelmed when it came to funnels and how everything would integrate.”
“I felt overwhelmed by all my roles and felt I couldn’t focus on any enough.”
“I was spending time and energy doing things for my business I didn’t want to do.”
“I needed help structuring my services to my target market while addressing their pain points.”

This is their experience since working with me:

“Creating new concepts that enable new streams of revenue besides running events.”
“Elaine helped me client-focus and that shift was magical in pulling together my offerings.
“I found Elaine helpful, clear and organised before we even began to work together.”
“Elaine encourages me, I feel more self-confident. I am learning a lot AND achieving a lot too!”
“I have had things fixed and changed in my business I didn’t know were an issue.”
Elaine is a strategist, a thought provoker, and a cheerleader. These traits have been powerful in shifting my perspective.”

Does this resonate with you?

Now you know that I can help you change things for the better; help you grow your business.


OBM Lite

You turn over <200k and have not yet worked with a VA or OBM
You need to scale in order to achieve your business goals but are not sure of how that might look


You turn over 200-500k and work with services providers ad-hoc and a VA
You are currently managing everything and every one yourself and close to burn-out

OBM Elite

You turn over 500k+ and work with a team of service providers consistently
You need someone in place to manage your people, processes and projects
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