Free Up Headspace,
Improve Workflows,
Grow Your Business Effectively

Achieve true work/life integration that allows you spend more time doing what you love while growing your business

Business manager services to improve workflows and scale your business

Step into your future calm

With the support and guidance of Elaine Rogers, The Smart OBM, you can apply the strategies required to scale your business, save time, and retain your sanity!

Your business can grow and flourish sustainably while you enjoy harmony in your work and life.

Some clients describe life before working with me

I was spending time and energy doing things for my business I didn’t want to do.

I needed advice on how to extend my services and business to increase revenue and visibility.

I was overwhelmed when it came to funnels and how everything would integrate.

I felt overwhelmed by all my roles and felt I couldn’t focus enough on any.

This is their experience since working with me

I have had things fixed and changed in my business I didn’t even know were an issue.

I’m now creating new concepts that enable new revenue streams.

I found Elaine helpful, clear and organised before we even began to work together.

Elaine encourages me, I feel more self-confident. I am learning a lot AND achieving a lot too!

Let’s slow down the hamster wheel and get your best work out there while you enjoy freedom in life and work.

One-time Services

OBM Intensive

A cost-effective way to clarify what you need to fix in your business

The SMART Systems Framework

Get the right systems in place so you can do your best work in less time

Monthly Retainer Services

OBM Lite

A monthly retainer to keep things on track while you focus on fee-earning activities


Consistent project, operations and team management to create a true return on investment and energy
Elaine creates the environment ‘we are in this together!’
Elaine has a very collaborative working style, is really helpful in holding me to account and I am content knowing that key projects are being executed. She is clued-in, thorough, supportive and helpfully challenging.
Vincent Byrne headshot
Vincent Byrne
The Business Owner’s Coach
A wonderful collaborative relationship.
Elaine provides a very systemised approach to establishing effective business processes. She has an amazing ability to make complex areas understandable. She is reliable, professional and offers such clear thinking on key issues.
Client Rachel Doogue headshot
Rachel Doogue
Rachel Doogue Coaching
Elaine is a trusted ally!
Elaine thinks in a unique way. She’s very logical, but also caring and compassionate. She goes the extra mile when it’s necessary, without ever being asked. She brings structure and clarity to things, which frees up my time, headspace and creative powers!
Client Jasper Walshe Executive Coach headshot
Jasper Walshe
Executive Coach, TRIPS Tank
Elaine played a key role in our growth.
Elaine is a pleasure to work with and somebody who is so dedicated to the work she does, working in the background with diligence, professionalism and pride. She played a key role in the growth of the ICF Ireland Chapter over the past four years.
Michael Stafford headshot - President ICF Ireland 2020-2021
Michael Stafford
President, ICF Ireland