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The SMART Systems Framework

Imagine taking a random day off work without anxiety

Imagine closing your laptop for a week knowing everything will run smoothly

Imagine having the headspace to get into the work that excites and energises you

Imagine not dropping the ball on anything

Imagine your business running itself without you always needing to be always there

Elaine Rogers

Right now, you’re responding to a new lead in your inbox, scheduling your socials, preparing a proposal, writing a contract while chasing an invoice before you’ve even had time to drink the (now cold) tea you made an hour ago.

You’re chastising yourself (again) for not going for the daily walk you promised yourself. The yoga mat is still rolled up in the corner of the office. The wholesome meals you intended to prepare have been pushed aside for quick snacks (again).

Being a business owner in the online world is tough. You’re playing the role of marketing expert, sales team, content creator, accountant and many more, as well as serving your clients. You’re not doing the things you LOVE to do.

 It’s no wonder you’re feeling exhausted but still running on the hamster wheel.

And things are slipping through the net.

Let’s not let it continue that way.

You know you need better systems in place

You don’t know where to start
There are too many options
Too many platforms promising nirvana
Too many people providing conflicting advice

If it feels like you’re wasting precious time when you could be working in your zone of genius and generating more revenue, you’re in the right place!

I will help you rebuild your business foundation and transform the way you manage your time, headspace and work.


The SMART Systems Framework

Has your business ever felt a bit like a Jenga tower?

Having to take out a piece, one at a time, until it collapses?

Then you collapse!

I understand…been there, got the T-shirt!

What’s the answer?

Outsourcing everything? Hiring a sales team? 

I went through the pain of balancing that final piece, signing up for every shiny new tactic, challenge or course, ending up overwhelmed with everything available, yet nothing working.

I wish I had The SMART Systems Framework then! I wish I had someone to guide me through the process of setting it all up.

That’s why I’ve built this framework, so that you can move from STUCK to FREE.

It’s simply putting the right foundation stones in place that’ll support your business operations.

The SMART Systems Framework designs a blueprint for the processes and activities that drives your business goals and objectives.

The SMART Systems Framework is exactly what you need to get back on track, streamlined and ready to scale!

Get a clear head again and stop worrying about shiny objects, tech and backend. 

Don’t let your business get to a stage of collapse like a Jenga tower!

Headshot of The Smart OBM client Liz Barron, Principal Coach, Realize Coaching

I felt that my business systems were not necessarily optimised and integrated. I also wanted to ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations. Elaine asks exactly the right questions, she develops a keen understanding of your business, how you work best and what you want to achieve – she works with you to design a practical and pragmatic solution and, if necessary, will help you get there.

Liz Barron, Principal Coach
Realize Coaching & Consulting Ltd

Vincent Byrne headshot

My time and focus were on coaching, and the other aspects of my business were not getting the attention they needed. Elaine introduced a number of very effective systems that brought much-needed organisation to my way of working. She has a very collaborative working style, is clued-in, thorough, supportive and helpfully challenging.

Vincent Byrne, Coach
The Business Owner’s Coach

Headshot of The Smart OBM client Margaret Kennedy, VA

Elaine’s depth of knowledge, experience and patience brought structure and clarity to my project, but also instilled a passion and excitement in me that drove me forward at an accelerated pace that I would never have achieved working alone. She takes the fear out of things, leaving you to feel that anything is possible if you put the work in. 

Margaret Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy VA

Previous clients have used this framework to

What’s included in the framework?

Comprehensive Questionnaire

This is a reflective and valuable exercise to undertake. It helps you and me understand your short-term needs, where the gaps are and instigate ideas for immediate and easy hacks for maximum impact.

Brainstorm & Evaluation Session

A 90-minute session to address current challenges and consider appropriate solutions. We evaluate your current business systems and their impact. We review the processes and tools you use to ensure they are fit for purpose and providing value to your business.

Follow-Up & Recommendations

I follow up after our call with the call recording and a detailed report on recommendations for your business, based on everything discussed with a view to implement initial quick wins that will produce immediate results.

Bespoke Training Snippets

I create a small range of bespoke training videos that are helpful to the process and implementation, so you have a step-by-step process to follow and can hit the ground running (but not back on the hamster wheel).

Optional: GDPR and contracts review and report (€290+VAT)

I review your legal and GDPR policies and processes and provide a report on any gaps and changes
needed to help you and your business become more compliant.

Investment from €697 + VAT

How will you and your business truly benefit?

You will have 18 years of experience in the online world at your back, gently driving the project forward and guiding you as the business owner.

You will have the benefit of extensive digital marketing and tech experience and a super-organised brain to keep everything in motion and on track.

You will have specific support from a business veteran who has been through the battles and not only survived, but thrived.

Third level degree, coaching certification, entrepreneurial and training accreditations to further support your progress.


Service business owners (coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers, etc.) usually with an annual turnover of over 100K. You’re ready for this.

No, I map out business operations, relevant systems and online tools for you to work efficiently, effectively and sustainably. You then implement them yourself at your own pace. I do offer a ‘done-for-you’ service over a three- or six-month period. Please contact me for further details.

We are never truly ready. We strive for perfection or exactly the right time. With this package, the objective is to get you back on track with your business goals and running your business like the smooth operation it should be. There will always be urgent and other important things that will demand your attention, so the best time to start is yesterday. The next best is today.

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The SMART Systems Framework

Thank you for your interest in working with me to rebuild your business foundation and transform the way you manage your time, headspace and work. The SMART Systems Framework will help you get back on track, streamlined and ready to scale!

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