Why I do what I do

A staggering amount of business owners are overwhelmed with the day-to-day grind of their business. I speak with clients on a daily basis about their issues. Mostly, it is related to time (head-space), stress (head-space) and organisation (more head-space).

This all leads to less time with their families and passions and more time stuck in managing the daily activities of their businesses. And NO head-space to figure it all out.

They come to me to avail of my in-depth tech knowledge, organisation skills and business coaching background. I help them take back control, see the wood for the trees and grow their online revenue streams.

A client said to me recently:

“Elaine, the big piece of our work together for me is having you by my side generating momentum on my bigger projects. Without that, none of them would get done! I have head-space to consider and envisage my goals – the relief!”

You only need the courage to start today and push through overwhelm!

Why my clients have confidence in me:

I bring 20+ years experience to the virtual table, 16 of those in the digital space

I am a qualified Business Coach and Trainer, working with businesses since 2008

16 years as a Training Specialist and six years as a Business Coach

I hold entrepreneurial and technical qualifications and certifications

Why me personally?

Do you value work/life integration rather than work-life balance? Balance suggests that we have to have less of one or more of the other to create a perfect balance. You want to run your business effectively while attending a rugby match or dancing class with your child, right? And schedule work alongside your personal activities to provide space for both? AND grow your business!

When we work together, we bring harmony and integration back into the roles you play. I grew up with the digital world that you now want to infiltrate. Having a high-value business and doing everything yourself is not possible. If you want to break into the 200-500k range, you’ll need me by your side.

Why now?

Because tomorrow never comes, but revenue can be made today! Let’s get the ball rolling and the money flowing.

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