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One-time Services

OBM Intensive

A cost-effective way to clarify what you need to fix in your business

The SMART Systems Framework

Get the right systems in place so you can do your best work in less time

Monthly Retainer Services

OBM Lite Retainer

For business owners whose turnover is <200k and who have not yet worked with a VA or OBM. You haven’t quite figured out how to outsource support with all the spinning plates in your business and are feeling overwhelmed with the weight of it all on your shoulders.

Let’s get you online with solid systems and tame those spinning plates! A monthly retainer to keep things on track while you focus on fee-earning activities.


Starting at €1,300/month

OBM Pro Retainer

For business owners whose turnover is 200-500k who work with service providers on an ad hoc basis and already engage a VA. You are currently managing everything and everyone yourself. You know you need support beyond tasks but are unsure what that looks like.

Let’s get you streamlined and develop a solid strategy to scale or grow your business! Project, operations and team management to create a true return on investment and energy.


Starting at €1,950/month