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5 Reasons You Are Not Loyal To Your Clients

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer” – Shep Hyken. Let’s look at the five sure signs that you may NOT be loyal to your clients, and I’ll share with you how to fix this, and not only be fully loyal to your customers, but they remain loyal to you also!

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If You Crash, Your Business Will Too

Using the Tour de France as a metaphor, when you take a massive hit in your business, you will decide whether to complete that one stage and be out of the race, or bow out of the stage and possibly complete the full race. Do you want to win the battle, but lose the war?

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Your Comfort Zone Will Kill Your Business

Your comfort zone is not the place where growth takes place. It is not the place where change takes place. Fear of change and change itself is a tough pill to swallow but by getting out of your comfort zone, you have the power to improve and grow your business.

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Online Business Manager

Differences Between A VA And An OBM

Whether you work with a VA, OBM, or both will depend greatly on the turn over you are pulling in and how many service providers, processes and automations you work with. Think of an OBM like the PM you hire to build a building.

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