Working with Elaine is a wonderful collaborative relationship!

Client Rachel Doogue headshot

What I really appreciate is that this is not about passing the buck to Elaine, it is about working with someone who will care about you and your business and work as your partner on key projects and systems to allow you to do your best work. Elaine is so professional, reliable and offers such clear thinking on key issues. Coming from a coaching background, I believed she would understand the challenges I faced. She provided a very systemised approach to establishing effective business processes. She has excellent communication skills and an amazing ability to make complex areas understandable. She helps me at critical times in the business and these are hugely significant wins for me. All of which is led by Elaine, who provides a clear focus for me on what I need to do to ensure they happen.

Rachel Doogue

Elaine is a trusted ally!

Client Jasper Walshe Executive Coach
Elaine thinks in a unique way. She’s very logical, but also compassionate and caring. She goes the extra mile when necessary, without being asked. Yet she’s assertive about her ways of working, so there’s no confusion. She brings structure and clarity to things which frees up my time, headspace and creative powers! She takes the initiative in the areas of business I find draining (operational strategy, tech, systems and controls), but keeps me informed and educated so I can be responsible for all decisions made. She also challenges me in the areas I enjoy but am still a relative novice, like marketing and automation. Elaine does all the heavy lifting in the background, then summarises the complex into something straightforward for me to understand. Elaine and I have always had a laugh, we enjoy each others’ company and sense of humour.
Jasper Walshe

Elaine is great to work with!

Client Siobhan Boucher headshot

We knew instantly that Elaine would bring her development and strategy skills to the board and support us in the way that we needed. Elaine’s coaching background meant that she understood the industry. We are delighted with the progress of the Irish Chapter, Elaine’s contribution has been invaluable. Working with Elaine allows us to strategize and work on ways to improve on the director roles within the Chapter, better ways to communicate and connect with our membership and build corporate relationships in the coaching industry. Elaine is a great person to work with, she is direct, communicates clearly and fun. She knows when to step back and most importantly she keeps the team on track and helps us to be accountable for our individual roles. I know Elaine will continue to provide strong succession planning as the composition of the board changes annually.

Siobhán Boucher, Co-President

I can always count on Elaine!

Client Jasmine Lazzari headshot

The image that springs to mind is an anchor. Every time I need grounding, guidance and firm action, I can always count on Elaine. That is for me, so essential, it helps me move to higher levels within my business. Talking to friends about business is not the same as talking with Elaine. You need someone that is professional and can stir you into the right direction and anchor you when you need it. Business is never linear, there are always ups and downs, and it’s important to have someone you can trust 100% and that is reliable and effective for when the downs are looming. Awareness in business is so much more than what we think of, and Elaine carries emotional intelligence with her to all our meetings. A big win for me is being able to disconnect from my role and focus on the business side (which is immensely creative and lucrative) which allows me to create new business concepts which will enable new streams of revenue.

Jasmine Lazzari

Elaine takes the fear out of things!

OBM Client Margaret Kennedy

Working with Elaine, I felt that I was in safe hands. Her depth of knowledge, experience and patience brought structure and clarity to my project, but also instilled a passion and excitement in me that drove me forward at an accelerated pace that I would never have achieved working alone. I was starting an online business from scratch and was finding it difficult to take the first steps. I was feeling overwhelmed and had a complete lack of vision in terms of what results to expect and when to expect them. I’m now doing work with clients that I enjoy and creating a great work/life balance. Elaine gets results. She cares and is very patient. She takes the fear out of things, leaving you to feel that anything is possible if you put the work in. She helps you see and develop your own skills.

Margaret Kennedy

I was blown away by Elaine’s clarity in vision and direction!!

Client AdeOla Fadumiye

It was amazing working with Elaine and I would do it again. She helped me be more ‘client-focused’ and that shift was magical in pulling together an offering that resonates. Elaine is a strategist, a thought provoker, and a cheerleader. These traits have been powerful in shifting my perspective while helping me to understand my values as it pertains to work and life integration. She has been invaluable in my quest to attain clarity as I transition in my business. Elaine is truly a master at leading to clarity of purpose, desire, and direction.

AdeOla Fadumiye

As expected, Elaine has knocked it out of the park!

Client Liz Barron Coach

As expected, Elaine has knocked it out of the park in terms of being organised, knowledgeable, telling me exactly what I needed to do and when. She turned around the work in a very short timeframe, making my GDPR compliance project as easy as possible for me. Elaine’s training as a business coach means that she always asks the right questions! She can solve any problem and you can trust her to deliver on commitments.

Liz Barron

I enjoy working with Elaine!

Client Sam Neffendorf

I am full of good ideas, but not always so hot at the execution. I found Elaine to be very knowledgeable about the kind of online business that I wanted. She was able to offer great suggestions. I also felt that she would be able to keep me on track with what I needed to do. Elaine is also a great mix of friendly, approachable and professional and I felt I could confidently work with her. She has great knowledge in the online space, really cares about the work she does and provides great feedback on what you are trying to do.

Sam Neffendorf

Elaine is amazing!

Client Michelle Nunan

I know how difficult it is to find really good support and how bad experiences can put people off outsourcing, but not outsourcing prevents you from growing your business, so finding the right person is imperative and Elaine is that person. She gets the job done!

Michelle Nunan
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