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Why Work With An Online Business Manager?

Are you here because you are taking the time to think about your business and considering next steps for growth? It’s a tough place to be sometimes. I know because I have been there. Like you, I take time out to consider my business and work.

Why Online Business Management? As an Entrepreneur, you realise you cannot run your business single-handed. You know you need to work with others to help your business grow and profit the way it should. I am the link between knowing there is a next step and not knowing what that next step might be.

Signs you need an Online Business Manager

  • You are attracting new clients, but cannot take them on because you have no time
  • You are already managing a number of freelancers or VAs, but would rather be managing your time with clients
  • The time has been right for a long time to develop the business further, but you are still trying to make the time to brainstorm the ideas you have
  • You know you need help, but find it difficult to delegate
  • You assume you will have to micro-manage someone who works with you
  • You find it difficult to trust others with important aspects of your business

You need someone who can plug into your business style and take over certain aspects of the business to free up the time you need to work ON your business. Yet, how do you do that? How do you pass over certain management tasks to someone else when it was you who developed them, perfected them, and are the only person who knows how to use them?

Enter your Online Business Manager. An OBM will be your right-hand ‘(wo)man‘. They will take over the headspace-consuming tasks that need to be done in order to grow your business and develop it into the next stage. They will essentially project manage and connect all the entities required to execute this growth.

Perhaps you are considering working with a business developer, or a sales coach as part of the expansion. You also know you need the technical help to scale your business online and you appreciate the expertise others can bring to the table. That’s where an online business manager can help you.

Consider spring in the countryside; the land and the people managing the land are preparing for a new season of growth. A bit like your business perhaps; the beginnings of things to come – growth, harvest and profit!

Now consider summertime in the countryside. The landscape has bloomed! Everything is beautiful after being enriched and managed, the crops are ready for harvest, it is late summer. In order to achieve this growth and profit, it is imperative that you, as a business owner, provide the land, the correct timing for planting seeds of growth, the enrichment, care of the soil, and managing the harvest when the time is right.

This provides you and your business with an optimum product and profit to move to the next level of growth.

You’ll never walk alone

Producers who work alone, struggle with the workload. There is little time for anything else:

  • Do you want that for your quality of life?
  • Do you want to be too busy working the detail of your business, to lead your business forward?
  • Do you want to be too busy cutting down the trees, to stop and sharpen the saw?

That’s where an online business manager comes in.

An online business manager will do the tree-cutting while you work on your business. They will stop and let you sharpen the saw when you know it’s right for your business.

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